About Me

I am honored that you have taken the time to stop by and read about my passion. Three years ago, my wife and I moved to Huntington Beach, CA. Immediately, we fell in love with HB and SoCal (Southern California), in general. I mean, we live in a beach city in California, what’s not to love, right?

Unfortunately, we let “life” get the best of us. (I’ll tell you more about “life” later, it’s a crazy story). We are nurses working in corporate America and extremely ambitious, maybe even too ambitious. After finishing up our graduate degree programs, we realized we really hadn’t seen much of anything in SoCal.

SoCal, the home to Disneyland, Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, beautiful beaches, miles of nature trails, and so much more. Yet, unless we were giving tours to visitors from out of state, we rarely explored our new home. I hope this blog will help us change all of that.

Please read along and take an adventure with us. Better yet, I hope this inspires you to take your weekends by the horns and spend time exploring places in your own backyard.